Borrodell apple tree covered in snow

We grow 170 varieties of heritage or heirloom eating, cooking and cider apples.

Grown in another era, when seasonality and flavours drove the market, they all have attributes that makes them special. The only sin many of them committed was not to keep for long periods in cool storage.

Grown without pesticides, the apples are truly “tree ripened”, enhancing their flavours. The apple season lasts for about 6 months – there is generally a tree with apples on it from January through to June.

The Heritage Block has featured on a number of Lifestyle Programs


Cherry blossoms in full bloom

Borrodell has over 6000 cherry trees. They are hand picked in December each year. With fruit so big, “2 bites of the cherry” has real meaning !


Red Ace, President, Radiance and some Angelina’s available through February, March and April.